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We are a dynamic operation, designed to maximize your overall fishing experience. Whether you’re a first timer or hardcore enthusiast, we can put together the type of trip for the type of fish you’re looking for.  Please browse the services and type of trips we offer below and select the type that best fits your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, shoot us an email so we can design a trip that works best for you. All Prices are per Vessel per day not per person, see angler limits per trip.

Inshore Guided Sport Fishing (21-30' CC's)

Available in 6 and 8 hour increments with a 4 Angler Maximum these trips are our most popular and flexible! You'll be fishing the calmer inshore waters, targeting exciting coastal species like: Striped Bass, Bonito, False Albacore, Bluefish, Fluke, Sea Bass, Squeteague and Blackfish. You’ll be utilizing state of the art light tackle on board high speed 30' class center consoles.  Rates vary by vessel and duration of the trip. The availability of certain species is seasonal so be sure to contact us if you’d like to target them specifically.


Half Day ($750)

Full Day ($1000)

Block Island Full Day/Night Bass 

Looking for a personal best sized bass  Join Capt Jack or Brandon and crew for an exciting high speed cruise across Block Island Sound as you make your way to the rich fishing grounds of B.I.’s South West Ledge. There you will employ more traditional techniques like fishing with weighted eels or trolling with weighted line and large artificials to target large bass in the deeper water and strong currents. If you limit out of striped bass early, we can run inshore and bottom fish with tight tackle for Large Flounder and Sea bass to help stock the freezer. These Runs make excellent bachelor party trips or corporate excursions. 4 Angler Limit for these trips.


Striped Bass Fishing Day Trip up to 8 hours ($1000) 

Striped Bass Fishing Night Trip ($900)


Offshore R.I. Full Day (30' CC)

These near coastal runs target the active migratory routes of large predators and ground fish that travel the contour lines, within 30 miles of the New England coast line. You’ll Join Capt Jack or Brandon for quick run out to the blue water. Once there you can encounter Bluefin Tuna, Large Pelagic Sharks like Makos and Threshers, Blue Sharks, Hammer Heads, Mahi Mahi, Green Bonito and False Albacore. Occasionally other exotic species will wander in with the Gulf Stream giving you at shot at other species like Cobia, Skip Jack Tuna and White Marlin. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, we try to stay open minded and dynamic on these runs. Typically we start the morning with a quick stop at the east grounds to grab some live baits, then we’ll troll an offshore spread in the morning trying to start the day off with a Tuna or Marlin. Then depending on the water temps and time of year we will spend some time casting to highfliers or jigging for Mahi, Tuna and Cod. When the troll and Jig bites slow down, we then deploy a chum slick and try to entice one of the large pelagic shark species that migrate and feed along our coast line. Check with the captain on the best times and availability on these trips and also to discuss the best options for targeting a more specific species.   4 Angler Limit for these trips.


Full Day Only ($1600) Plus 20% gratuity for mate


North East Cayons 30 Plus CC

If you have conquered the inshore game and looking to chip away at your bucket-list, this is the run for you. These trips take you to the edge…. Literally! The North East Canyons are essentially cracks that run into the edge of the continental shelf. There it drops from 500ft deep to over 4,000ft. As if that wasn’t significant enough a reason to attract life, it’s there that the cobalt-blue tropical warm waters of the Gulf Stream collide with the greener, cool, nutrient rich waters of the North Atlantic. The end result is a veritable explosion of life: Sea Birds of all varieties, large sea turtles, hundreds of different whales and dolphins, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks you name it. But more importantly it creates a nice warm isolated concentration of water the corrals the fish into one given area. There you will troll, Jig or cast to species like: Yellowfin Tuna, Longfin Albacore, Bluefin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Sharks, Tilefish and for those of you that opt for the overnight experience even Swordfish. We only book a very limited number of these runs per season as they are extremely, weather and fish migration dependant. We will not take you out that far without the reasonable expectation to load you up with a lot of fish.  These trips are some of the most exciting fishing experiences available anywhere on the planet!  4 Angler limit for these trips. 


     Day Trip ($2500) Plus 20% gratuity for mate

Over Night ($3000) Plus 20% gratuity for mate



Closer to shore only about 50-70 miles out Albacore, YFT, BFT, Mahi, Sharks Only


     Day Trip ($1850) Plus 20% gratuity for mate



Cape Cod Jig and Pop Tuna (23-30ft CC's)

Not for the faint of heart, these runs offer the ultimate angling challenge! They have no set time limit as we literally trailer our vessels to the far reaches of Cape Cod in order to launch right near the fish. This puts 90% of the traveling time on the windshield instead of the hull. It also increases your time on the fish. During this time you will likely witness massive whales, sharks and other marine species feeding all around you like an episode of blue planet, so remember to bring a camera. Bluefin Tuna are some of the most difficult fish to locate on the planet, let alone to hook up with or land. So be prepared to do a lot of work. If you’re a hardcore enthusiast and up for the hunt, challenge and a possible life changing, adrenaline filled experience, then this is the trip for you. Difficult as these fish may be to encounter, for several years now they have been frequenting the near coastal waters off Cape Cod with relatively consistent patterns. Along with the help of several other Jig and Pop style Elite Captains; we have been able to create a network of active vessels that maintain a constant eye on their movements and the patterns to which they are feeding. If we get with range of actively feeding fish, the odds of getting you tight are very very good. Contact us today to inquire about availability and any other questions you may have. 3-4 Angler Limit depending on Vessel.


Full Day Trip ($1500)

Guided Fishing on Your Vessel

Having difficulty dialing in on your own boat? Fishing a big tournament and need a sharp crew? or just want to get a chance to fish and not have to be at the wheel all day? Hire one of our captains or crew to jump on board with you. We can show you how to use your equipment, take the wheel or run the cockpit and show you our techniques for catching more fish. If your equipment is not up to snuff we can bring along our own to help you better decide on the type of gear you’d like to invest in. Contact us today to inquire and design the best type of trip for your vessel.

6 hours ($600)*

8 hours ($800)*


* If we need to pack and bring our gear along an additional fee of ($100) will be charged.

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